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+1 highlander

Hi guys! I'm Cerie and I'm bringing in Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Work is currently murdering me this week, so I haven't gotten a chance to debut him yet but I'm hoping once end of the month is over I can jump right into some madness.

You can catch me over at [ profile] superxconductor or send me a PM on Jamie's journal if you'd like to plot. I've also got a contact post in his journal, too, if you'd rather just leave a comment there.

Looking forward to playing!
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There is so much for Jamie to tell Claire and destroy her with.

I can't wait. I'M EXCITED YOU'RE HERE.
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:') same, friend.
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Cerie, welcome! It's me, Tessa, and I just play this lady here, who I will be tossing your way for some CR asap. ♥
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*_* Jemma has been making friends with Claire and I love Outlander, so I'm super excited to have a Jamie here!