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Hello, Entranceway! Christine here, player of Kanji & Ann, bringing in Teddy Altman from Marvel's Young Avengers. Also known as Hulkling, Teddy is a shapeshifter with super strength thanks to his being half-Skrull and half-Kree. Not only is he half-Skrull, but he's the son of the late princess of the Skrull Empire, making him not just an alien twice over, but alien royalty. Learning about his origins has made for a rough coming of age, but he's managing to get by.

Some folks in Wonderland might know him from a previous visit, since he's been here in the past, or may know him by virtue of his being Billy Kaplan's boyfriend. He's coming in from the end of YA #9, after he and Billy part ways for awhile so Teddy can go on a coffee-fueled spirit journey of sorts. He's kind of in the middle of a major existential crisis at the moment, but Wonderland can only help, right? He should be introing along with a new friend in the near future! Until then, I am on plurk at [plurk.com profile] necrofancy if anyone wants to reach me directly, or can also be contacted via PM. <3 Looking forward to bringing Teddy into the mix!
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Oh hey. I know you.
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Maybe in some alternate reality.
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hi new friend :3
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SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Steve obviously knows Teddy from before so he'll be glad to see him again. ;u;
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Cute...... Steve's gonna be glad that Billy gets a good thing in his life again, even if it means Teddy is stuck in Wonderland again. ;;