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+1 dungeon and or dragon

Hey y'all! This is Kelsey and I'm bringing in a second character to join Greg! His name is Taako. He's an elf wizard from the DnD podcast The Adventure Zone. He's aloof, plays dumb, a fancy gay boy, and a kleptomaniac. He specializes in transmutation magic and is actually pretty damn powerful. And he works for an organization that is dedicated to recovering highly powerful and dangerous magical Relics.

Three things y'all should know about Taako:

1. Due to his being a podcast character, he has no set appearance. The only thing we really know is that he is an elf, but even that is up to interpretation. For this reason, I did not pick any particular artist for my icons, and I do not expect everyone to have the exact same image of him in regards to skin color, hair color, facial features, weight, etc. All Taakos are valid Taakos.

2. The organization Taako works for has erased certain words and concepts from the minds of everyone but the few who have been inoculated. For this reason, Taako will occasionally speak or type "static", which I'll represent with text like tͭ̋̇̌͑ͩ̊͑̅̿̓͒͊͏̴̷̪̦̺̝̞̻̣͍̣̕ͅh̶̛̛̙̙̤̖͚͖̜͉̿ͦ̂̃ͦ̏ͮ͆͠ĩ̶̖̜̘̣͎̺͖̠̜̅̏͒͗̒̍̏̋́ͦ̚͠͞s̢̥̬͕̜ͪ͆ͦͣ̓̿͋ͩ̌̀̚

3. Taako is coming from a canonpoint where he is actually in a place called Wonderland. This other Wonderland is a set of challenges set up to cause maximum suffering in the participants (who are there to obtain their heart's desire). A lot of what happens in this other Wonderland is illusion-based, and therefore Taako is going to come in and initially assume he's still in that Wonderland for...probably a while. Just a head's up so this doesn't confuse anyone!

I look forward to throwing Taako at everyone and will put up an IC intro post later today! :D

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