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A new bar: question/query

Hi Wonderland. I have two quick questions/ideas/queries.

One: So I know no one has taken over Simon and Jo's bar yet since Cami has now left too. Honestly, it would feel kind of strange taking over a bar with so much history in the game (Also, Damon would never take over it himself given the whole nibbling on Simon there even if they ended up friends >>).

I know people talked about doing some kind of memorial after so many old timers left all at once, and I was wondering if putting it up in that old bar might be a good idea! Damon would not personally have this idea himself, but I thought I'd oocly throw it out there in case there were characters out there who might do so. It could be a way to remember all the people who were once here but gone like maybe by putting up names on the walls and decorating it and having candles out and stuff like that.

Two: Regardless of what happens with the old bar, Damon has wanted to own/run a bar for like years in his canon (his future where he's running a bar while Elena goes to medical school /sobs about how beautiful it is). He's been thinking of doing so here too. I know there's already a hot, pumpin club here, but a bar kind of has a different vibe so I feel like it'd still fit in!

I was thinking he'd put up a network post tomorrow on his one-year anniversary to announce the bar opening and like offer jobs there to anyone who wanted it. He'd probably do like different specific nights of the week (trivia night, open mic night, etc) and the occasional like special party/event (speed dating for all the single ppl or speed friending for everyone who wants friends? also parties. beer pong night?).

Basically, I wanted to have this up to generate OOC interest, concerns, and questions about either/both of these things. Thanks guys!
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You had this jock at "beer pong night": the siren call of his people.
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Y A S * _________________ *

i'm so excited

we need to make a list of all possible theme nights .o.
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why so perfect rizzy

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everyone else is like gross gtfo
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klaus is unashamed and of the opinion people are just jealous and non-consequential compared to caroline

you know like if someone hit him hard enough to distract him from staring at her

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she dun care much either (poor elena)

good luck, basically
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Both of those sound like great ideas! Sharon would appreciate the former and patron the latter, definitely.

Weren't Jo and Simon also managing the gym, too?
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Eep! That's because I'm not into fitness enough, lol! It's the fitness center - Room 121.
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sam does still bartend at the old bar if that makes any difference to anything! /o
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YEAH no this is 100% my bad; i've been a little all over the place between RL and RP things, so i apologize for the belated notice!! i'm happy to have the old bar be half a memorial or host the memorial, though i'd also love for sam to continue to work there, if that's cool!

i love the dichotomy that i imagine, though, of damon and his cool, hopping bar, and sam just wiping down a single glass for hours alone in the old one shfosdg
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now with the right account

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yeah, that sounds awesome! i appreciate all this! ♥

no rush!! looking forward to them chatting!