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+1 Shitshow

What a stand-up guy, huh? Hello! My name's Claire and I'm bringing back in Bucky Barnes in his fun-sized form during the Second World War.

With anyone not familiar with his disposition from the comics: Imagine tiny MCU!Steve with no ailments and medical issues. Imagine all the shenanigans a healthy Stevie could've gotten up to. Is the image vivid and clear in your mind's eye? Okay, so that's basically this guy. Although, perhaps not so altruistic.

He'll be living on the seventh floor and will be coming in a month before he takes a not-so-death-defying dip in the ocean!! He's technically 20, but he is cursed with the face of 16 year old forever and ever amen Marvel artists are cruel. So please don't call him a kid! You'll regret it!

If you want to friend me on plurk, you are welcome to here [ profile] slanndalous and I'm looking forward to playing with you all again!
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ahh, welcome (back)!! I'm Tessa, and I just play this movie-verse version of Wanda here; I look forward to seeing this version of Bucky around in game :D
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yes come join :> /gets out a chair for him.
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Welcome back! We never got to cross paths the first time around, but maybe this time we'll have better luck. 8'D

I'm Karen and I'm recently returned, too. I'm here with John Blake (The Dark Knight Rises), and on plurk @ blakeroo, if you're interested. :)

Have fun out there!!!
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Drapes across you. Yes, hello. I'm all over this.