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Hey, everyone, Britt here!

I just had a quick question and wanted to get a feel for everyone's opinions if I could! In Claire's network post, it was brought to her attention that there's no one ever regularly at the clinic save for sweet Mikan. Would anyone be opposed (OOCly) to Claire being there?

She knows she doesn't know everything, and she realizes that even by 1940s standards, medicine has evolved so much, that she would actually love it if she could get a full list of everyone with medical knowledge/healing magic in case of emergency. I know it would change often with apps and drops, so this doesn't have to be a thing anyone commits to! Most people plan out on plurk/in plotting comments when they'll need a medical character, so it's definitely not anything that needs to be maintained and can be mostly handwaved as 'hey this is a thing that characters can pull up quickly if needed.'

Mostly, the two questions I have are:

Would medically inclined characters (whether via magic or traditional means) be okay with Claire making an organized list and sending it out that basically says: "If you're ever wounded and can't get to the clinic, here's a list of people who could help you." AND, Would there be any opposition to Claire trying to organize the clinic/keep regular hours/ask for a couple volunteers to swing by just to check in, see if anything needs being done? Again, definitely a hand-waveable thing. This would all probably translate into her asking via the network if enough people decided it was cool!

She's also willing to help anyone learn practices that are oldies but goodies in case their environment drastically changes with an event/magic is borked/the closets don't work.

Thanks for your time, everyone!

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!!! man i'd really love some claire and elena cr, i think it could be neat

she becomes a doctor/surgeon in her canon and has expressed interest in this stuff in wonderland, she and victor frankenstein (unsure) had some lessons in terms of melding older practices with modern practices

she'd def volunteer
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Regis ([personal profile] mandrakes) has already spoken to her and would be happy to help!

I can volunteer this guy (Dan Palmer/Courier Six), but best as an emergency contact - it won't look pretty but he can keep you from dying of most non-major things. Mostly from personal experience having to set his own broken bones, dig bullets/shrapnel out of himself and stitch himself up.

... I also have a demon who can just.. miracle things better, but sadly he is a demon and isn't *that* interested in helping people unless put in an awkward position.
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The demon would *definitely* take some work, but non-clinic-related CR with Claire herself would help that for sure. If she gets him to like her, he may be more inclined to help her out ;)
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oh awesome. i can't wait to have dean interact with her. she's perf.
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i want them all. c: my plurk is [ profile] doggos if you'd like to add.
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omg oops! well, yes then duh. you can have all of mine.
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Souji would absolutely want to be on that list of folks who can help. He's not likely to swing by the clinic itself often, since he runs the diner most of the time, but I do want him to learn some stuff from Claire.
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Please add Minato to the list too! ^^ He is down for healing anyone all the time ever. And Minato's asked her already if he can learn from her, so he's down for that too. ^-^ Thank you!
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We're already threading this out (once I get off my butt and tag), but Anders is on that list, too! :)
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He is here to heal Wonderland's people and pet their cats. ♥