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Item #1: Sparring facility
It's been a while since I've updated the clipboard for the sparring facility, where people sign up to teach/study different subjects. Since we have so many new people, I'm hoping we can get new characters who might be interested in either teaching or studying or both.

Item #2: Sharon's notebooks
Since her notebooks were stolen by her mirror (along with the glasses Tony gifted her), Sharon's been trying to recreate them. Whereas I mostly handwaved everything before, this time I'm actually trying to create what they would look like. I've got Wonderland residents and a notebook on the weird stuff in Wonderland. If you think of anything I should add, anything that Sharon would know that should go in, anything you think would be useful, etc, please let me know. Edit: Also, it's actually helped me to understand Wonderland better by doing this, so if it helps anyone else, that's a bonus.
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aaaah i just wanted to say the thoroughness you're putting into sharon's notebooks is rly impressive!

and also re: sparring facility

elena's going on a canon update soon, and that means by july, she'll have had not only two years of experience (with one of her main trainers having been faith lehane) but also she'll be super-powered, so i think she could not only continue studying but also teach a basics class of some sort, too