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Georgia Carolyn Mason ([personal profile] choosetruth) wrote in [community profile] entranceooc2017-06-06 02:22 pm
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Make that a TWO-WAY Mirror!

So! Georgia's been carrying around a pocketful of Buffy Meissonier-designed bugs basically since she first heard about the Mirrorside and during the last event, she had the chance to try and plant them! Unfortunately most of them were destroyed by Buffy's mirror, but with mod permission, one of them remained and does, in fact, allow them to listen in on conversations on the Mirrorside!

It's in the kitchen, and while I'm sure most of the conversations are going to be pretty boring discussions of what to eat, if you want your Mirror's plots to be overheard by Reals at any point, you can go here to let me know about it. This should be able to lead to really cool things in the future, so come plot! Of course, Georgia won't be making this known publicly any time soon since lol she doesn't want the Mirrors to know, but it can still certainly lead to interesting things.

It's definitely not required that you tell me what sort of things your character's been eating, but you know. I won't stop you.