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One last bit of event postmortem stuff

Hey guys! Sorry for clogging the comms, but I was asked to throw a blurb here to explain WTF happened with this event on top of what we received from the mod post. This writeup is almost directly lifted from a plurk post on the matter that went up at the start of the event. Georgia's IC writeup covers most of it, though there was some extra stuff that we couldn't really cleanly include because some bits aren't available for the reals to know. So if you're not interested, feel free to keep scrolling. Otherwise, get ready for some tl;dr drama about mirrors bein' shady.

This actually started back in September, during the fourth wall event where mirrors were out last. Mirror!Caitlin Snow (DCTV, The Flash) and Mirror!Fitz (MCU, Agents of SHIELD) are colleagues, and when they were allowed realside, m!cait went to basically shop for pets. She wanted a real thing to keep, and brought some chemicals along to help with that (which will come back into play within a few months but that stuff hasn't quite exploded yet so WATCH THIS SPACE FOR UPDATES >> ). Since then, she's been pressing her nose against the glass (sometimes literally), whining that she wanted a pet. M!fitz, who already has a pet in mirror!darcy (whether or not she wants to accept that it's what she is >|), was unwilling to share his. But he also owed m!cait a favor as a result of some stuff that went down when they were realside, so he figured that he'd help her arrange what she wants

Cisco Ramon (DCTV, The Flash) apps, appears in wonderland, and suddenly there's a mirror!cisco who likes to play with reals (this is a thread that started off as a oneoff and we then retconned into eway canon >> ). Unfortunately, he likes to pick on real!fitz to watch him jump. This means he spends a lot of time in mirror!fitz's space, and m!fitz H A T E S this. Eventually, it occurs to m!fitz that he can solve both his problems with one stroke. If m!cisco goes realside, then real!cisco ends up mirrorside, and everyone gets what everyone wants. The problem is the whole Rules thing. They can just poke through a mirror, but the queen watches those and they'd never be able to get away with it. The mirrors are forced to bide their time.

This was kind of a "maybe sometime??" long-distance plot goal for a long time. Abstractly going "oh he was over there working on his portal" was always a good way to explain OOC absences in an IC context and let the characters feel like they were doing something during slow periods. But then there was the Mass Effect Citadel event, where characters got to experience a futurescape. Fitz was excited to take apart tech and try to reverse-engineer it. At that point, we started realizing that we'd probably need an IC reason for the portal to fail because it would be pretty gamebreaking pretty quickly. This was followed by the Bioshock tear event. This set up a level of IC urgency. They had technology that they hadn't fathomed before, shortening the project timeline, and they also had confirmation that the dimensional walls of Wonderland were thinner than ever and needed to be attacked before they had time to rebuild.

Once the real Fitz and Cisco start working on an escape plan in earnest, m!fitz sees a chance to pull off a victimless crime. He starts shitposting on mirrors around Cisco and eventually convinces him that he's a good mirror of some evil wonderland resident who can work as a spy on the inside. Cisco buys this, because comic book heroes are fucking gullible sometimes. They develop a rapport, and eventually m!fitz convinces Cisco that there's already been a switch. Caitlin canon updated back in December, and in new canon she's a little volatile and has a hair trigger. Under m!fitz's narration, Cisco starts to understand that what they thought was a period of being "sent home" was actually when the real caitlin was abducted and switched with her mirror. Cisco FLIPS THE FUCK OUT and starts sabotaging his and Fitz's portal so that it will land mirrorside instead of anywhere outside of Wonderland. m!Fitz helped with this. so did m!Caitlin. The logic as far as m!fitz sees it is that the REAL THINGS are the ones crossing the barrier, and so if anyone ought to be punished, it'll be THEM. The poor mirrors are just victims really.

Along the way, mirror!Mick Rory (DCTV, The Flash & LEgends of Tomorrow) is enlisted to be the muscle. m!cisco will be masquerading as his real while m!cait gets the kidnapped real properly housebroken, and so m!mick is mostly there to be a distraction. Cause some screaming, kill some innocents, make sure that nobody thinks to notice that Cisco's suddenly left handed. And if the queen DOES find out, m!fitz reasons, she'll just go after the ones who actually crossed over. Either way, he won't owe m!cait any more favors. EVERYONE WINS as far as people he cares about. And since m!fitz only cares about himself, that's a short list.


Now normally, Fitz doesn't talk about science in public. He's kind of gunshy about it, since it usually just ends with him being swamped in one of two groups. From his perspecive, it's either Wonderland scientists who're too concerned with dickwaving and "you're doing it wrong"s to contribute anything constructive, or it's laypeople who saw some scifi about black holes and flip out in a fit of anti-intellectualism (he considers Darcy to be part of this group. He also wishes she had a volume knob so she'd stop yelling while he's trying to work). Since their portal work hinges on Cisco's ability to vibe at interdimensional frequencies, Fitz has been hesitant to give out any details. Cisco isn't comfortable admitting that he even has superpowers, and it's a dick move to out someone who's not ready to be uncloseted.

And yet, he felt compelled to make a network post about it earlier in the week, almost as if Wonderland demands some kind of vague network activity just before an event starts. (LOOK I'M A NERD ABOUT EWAY CANON OKAY)

OOCly, this is where I suddenly got about three thousand questions that I couldn't answer yet SO UM HELLO TO EVERYONE JUST JOINING US. SORRY FOR WRECKING YOUR SHIT WHEN OUR SHIT GOT TOO BIG FOR ITSELF. The mods have been awesome about letting us run with everything we asked for, and especially for opening this up into something that allowed everyone to play with us. ALL OF MY LOVE AND APPRECIATION IN THAT DIRECTION.

But also I am totally here if anyone wants to have more handwavey headcanon about mirror stuff because THAT SHIT IS MY JAM. The mirrors involved (EXCEPT M!CAITLIN, who ratted everyone out to the queen to get herself our of trouble) are all getting branded as traitors and will lose access to closets and general Wonderland comfort. They're basically Disney baddies at the end of the movie after the hero triumphs.

BUT UM. tl;dr: Everyone involved needs to be ashamed of themselves.
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Because of things he dealt with while he was Mirror Side, there will be...a lot of heavy stuff/upsetting elements that may spring up in narration with Cisco for awhile. There will be dark themes and I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable for it. This is the opt-out for that.

If you want/need more to go on, feel free to hit me up here, or on plurk @loyalwolf to discuss this further.